You just got money sent to your social media account, and your day just got a little more Stellar.

Stellar Day is an initiative encouraging giving to people you value, whether it’s a podcaster you like, a friend, or a family member. Continue on to learn how to give someone else a Stellar Day.

Send someone money like you send them email.

Using the Keybase App and the power of the Stellar Network, sending money is just like sending a message. No banks necessary. Welcome to the internet of value.
Need help getting lumens (XLM) or learning about them? Check out this FAQ or ask about it in the daily chat on r/stellar.

Prove that you own the account
 and the money is yours.

Keybase leverages public key cryptography to prove that you are the true owner of a social media account. Once you prove it, the funds are all yours.
Note: After you set up your new wallet, the account that sent you the money will need to re-encrypt the transfer, so don't worry if there is a little delay.
The Stellar Network

Welcome to the internet of value, powered by Stellar.

The Stellar Network enables you to send money anywhere in the world, settling payments in seconds and for fractions of a cent. Suddenly sending money sounds a lot more like email.
Curious to know more? Click here to learn about how this is all possible.